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Lab 5

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Lgem proudly introduces the Lab-5 PBR system – an innovative 5-liter tabletop solution tailored for researchers. With its compact size, advanced monitoring, and control capabilities, efficient sterilization, and easy scalability, Lab-5 empowers researchers to explore and optimize ideas for algae cultivation. Notably, the outcomes from Lab-5 are directly applicable to industrial-scale algae cultivation, while its two-phase process suits all algae with higher productivity, making it fully scalable to existing industrial solutions. Pre-order now to contribute your input before the official release and be part of shaping the future of algae cultivation.

A low-risk and scalable solution for Research Labs

Lgem’s Lab-5 is a groundbreaking scale-down version of Lgem’s complete technology, the two-phase system, featuring optimized seed train methodology to propagate microorganisms. Unique to this tabletop system is that its outcomes are directly applicable to industrial-scale algae cultivation, revolutionizing algae cultivation and production. 

The 5L system is a low-risk, clean and scalable solution, addressing the challenges faced by research labs with limited space and the need for sufficient inoculum volume, essential for larger systems like the Lab-25. The Lab-5 complements Lgem’s extensive portfolio of photobioreactor solutions, opening up the world of algae cultivation research to small-size research labs.

“The Lab-5 is designed as R&D unit and allows for light optimization experiments with multiple light colors.”

Pieter Oostlander

CSO at Lgem

Advanced Monitoring and Control Capabilities

Lgem’s 5L tabletop system empowers researchers with advanced monitoring and control capabilities. Six sensors, four dosing pumps for liquid addition or removal, and an integrated cooling/heating system enable precise adjustments of crucial parameters like temperature, pH, light and spectrum/color intensity. 

As standard, there is room for 6 sensors in the liquid phase. Additionally, it is possible to apply more sensors that are not submerged in the liquid (see overview technical details below). Cooling/heating takes place by water-jackets, the same way as in Lgem’s Lab-25 systems. A circulation cooler will be needed to supply hot/cold water to the Lab-5 system. As a result temperature control is completely integrated. The system’s integrated two-phase flow mechanism, using Lgem’s patented Wavywind® and Bubblebrush® systems, effectively prevents biofouling and ensures optimal CO2 supply and oxygen removal. 

Lgem’s Lab-5 tabletop system gives researchers the chance to easily explore research possibilities, while its results are applicable for industrial applications as well, which is unique!

Specifics Lgem Lab-5 tabletop system

Lgem’s new 5L tabletop system is a 5L tubular glass photobioreactor (PBR) that can fit on every flat – tabletop – surface. It measures 50cm (w) x 80cm (l) x 85cm (h) and weighs less then… ​​


The Lab-5 system’s six sensors go beyond the basics, allowing researchers to measure dissolved oxygen, turbidity, EC, CO2 inflow and outflow, among other parameters. This comprehensive data collection empowers researchers to make accurate adjustments and conduct in-depth studies, yielding results applicable to both small-scale research and industrial applications..

Technical Details

  • Size: 50cm (w) x 80cm (l) x 85cm (h) 
  • Weight:
  • Fits up to 6 sensors for measurements on the culture:
    • Temperature+pH
    • Dissolved oxygen
    • Turbidy
    • EC
    • Option for researchers to select any two sensors of choice with the full options Lab-5 model.
  • 4 dosing pumps
  • Integrated heating/cooling system
    • Cooling/heating takes place by water-jackets, the same way as in Lgem’s Lab-25 systems. A circulation cooler will be needed to supply hot/cold water to the Lab-5 system. 
  • Two-phase flow mechanism
  • Wavywind® and Bubblebrush® systems
  • Circulation vessel, tubes, and fittings heat tolerant
  • Sterilization up to  > 120°C / autoclave
  • Chemostat- and turbidostat-operation implementable


The Lab-5 standard configuration only contains a Temp+pH sensor, leaving the possibility to add 5 additional sensors.

Optimization through Light Spectrum Diversity

Lgem’s 5L tabletop system offers a unique advantage with its capability to use multiple light colors for light spectrum optimization. With four colors (white, red, far red, and blue) that can be individually adjusted/controlled, researchers can easily explore the most optimal light conditions for any algae strain and production process. “The results from small-scale tests accurately mirror the outcomes of larger systems, enabling convenient ordering of the desired color and density for bigger setups through Pilot and Industrial Lgem Solutions..

Seamless Transition to Industrial Applications

Thanks to its compact size and advanced monitoring and control capabilities, Lgem’s Lab-5 tabletop system expands the possibilities for research labs, facilitating the testing of a wide range of ideas. Researchers can confidently rely on the same proven techniques used in larger systems, ensuring that the outcomes from the Lab-5 are directly applicable to industrial-scale algae cultivation.

“What makes the Lab-5 unique is that the test results are scalable to industrial-size production.”

Pieter Oostlander

Bioprocess Scientist at Lgem

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Lgem's commitment to early-stage lab algae cultivation dynamics sets a new standard for unlocking the potential of microalgae.

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