Reliable systems for producing any algae at any scale.

What we do

Lgem offers reliable algae production systems and services from our unique AlgaeHUB®

Lgem offers a broad range of patented photobioreactor (PBR) solutions, that are highly productive (+70%) and reduce cost (-80%). Our cultivation systems are Industry 4.0 ready, fully automated and integrated from 25 to >1.000.000 litres.

Lgem’s innovative tubular photobioreactors are based on our extensive knowledge, research, and expertise. We are recognised internationally as a respected supplier with more than 15 years of experience cultivating autotrophic algae.

Our user-friendly and intuitive systems make it easy for anyone to cultivate algae.

The Lgem two-phase PBR solutions, coupled with upstream and downstream processes are compatible and modular in design.
The integration increases productivity, delivers stable algae production, high yields, and lower operational costs. 

Our systems allow for the production of vulnerable strains that otherwise could not be cultivated industrially.

In the unique AlgaeHUB®, Lgem can help develop and improve your production process. You can validate your business case on an industrial scale before investing in your production facility.

Welcome to the Lgem AlgaeHUB a research and derisking facility

Our easy-to-operate algae solutions allow almost anyone, anywhere, to commercially produce algae.

At Lgem, we know that investment risk reduction is a crucial success factor for our clients. That’s why our AlgaeHUB® facility (20 FTE, 7.000 m2 with >18 production units available) offers a range of customer services. Here, you can optimise and validate your business case on an industrial scale before making investments.

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Optimization of microalgae production

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Improve your algae cultivation with our experience.

Welcome to our Algae Knowledge Hub, a specialised resource for researchers, enthusiasts, and industry professionals aiming to gain a more profound comprehension of the realm of algae. Here, we delve into the multifaceted world of algae, exploring their ecological significance, industrial applications, cultivation methods, and the latest advancements in algae-based technologies.

About us

How Lgem knows and grows.

The world needs new sustainable initiatives, and we can tap into that. Together, we can positively impact the environment by unlocking the potential of our reliable, low-energy, and easy-to-use systems to cultivate algae. 

In our cutting-edge AlgaeHUB®, we offer operational testing facilities in support of your business case. You can test the design, the applicability, and the process at scale before investing in your own fully automated solution.

Lgem Lines resembling a photobioreactor

“It’s Lgem’s goal to deliver the best solutions and to lower our customers investment risk.”

Sander Hazewinkel
Founder & Global Business Development

Lgem delivers algae solutions at any scale, anywhere. Tap into our knowledge and experience today. Find out how easy algae cultivation can be.