Helios systems

Proven, risk-free and reliable at scale

Lgem's Helios photobioreactor systems

Designed explicitly for industrial production. Helios systems are part of an industrial production series that uses sunlight as the primary energy source for the algae – with additional LED as an option.

Helios H-27

Helios H-39

“Microalgae are a promising source for proteins and carbohydrates for the food and feed industry”

Sander Hazewinkel

Helios series

Specifically designed for industrial production in combination with natural light

Helios is part of a series designed for outdoor and greenhouse applications. There are two configurations: a horizontal layout (H) for optimal scaling when there are no space constraints, and a vertical configuration (V) in two volumes when space is limited.

Helios H systems are built in two layers with 48 tubes in parallel, 8 meters wide and a max of 150 meters long. Helios V systems are available in 17 and 35 m3. Both arrangements are ideal for industrial scale production using sunlight and with the option to add with LEDs.

Helios series can be standalone or as an integrated part of a production facility.

A render image of Lgem's Helios V35 photobioreactor


The HELIOS photobioreactor

Designed explicitly for industrial production. 

Helios systems are part of an industrial production
series that uses sunlight as the primary energy source
for the algae – with additional LED as an option.


Successfully growing algae for

Danish Technological Institute partners with lgem
University of Queensland collaborates with Lgem
Wageningen University research partners Lgem
Lgem shares knowledge with HAS Hogeschool
University of Applied Sciences Hogeschool Zeeland at Lgem

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