Why we passionately design Algae systems

Our Vision

Where we are headed

To use and develop our platform technology an become the standard for autotrophic cultivation of microalgae to speed up the potential of microalgae.

Our Mission

What we do

We build vertical demand and supply columns centralized around autotrophic algae cultivated in Lgem PBR systems, with Lgem optimized protocols and extra service.

These columns contribute to a fast implementation of algae for a sustainable and self-sufficient world with high impact food, feed,pharma and biochemical algae driven solutions.

Lgem Synalgae

Started in the Netherlands, operational worldwide.

Algae are the future

We believe that algae are the answer to some of the greatest global challenges. They are becoming a dominant source of sustainable solutions, while applications are virtually endless. However, lack of industrial scalability creates a critical barrier to their immense potential. Questions about cost, quality, skilled labour, and productivity pose significant threats for further investments. Scalable systems and genuine de-risking services have been the missing link in our industry. Lgem’s PBRs and our unique AlgaeHUB® facility arrive at the perfect moment to turn the tide. Our approach proves that algae production can be done successfully and sustainably on an industrial scale.

At Lgem, our ambitious team offers expertise in:

  • Planning
  • Engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Process optimisation
  • Realisation 
  • R&D
All aspects are needed for completing successful algae projects. We are here for CEO’s, producers, entrepreneurs and researchers who believe in the power of algae – just like we do.

Lgem AlgaeHUB®

a unique facility in the world of microalgae

We present our reliable and easy-to-use systems to produce microalgae at our cutting-edge AlgaeHUB®. In our completely unique 7000 m² facility near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, we offer our latest technologies. All of our proprietary systems are available for testing purposes. We offer various technologies for upstream and downstream process development.

The services offered at our AlgaeHUB® allow you to evaluate the full range of our production units. De-risking allows you to validate your business case on a commercially relevant scale. R&D services offer ground-breaking possibilities, solutions and improvements to your envisioned process.

Our unique facility acts as an inspirational think-tank to enable and stimulate innovation. Our test facilities are open to partners, universities and research institutions, granting them access to our AlgaeHUB®.

Make a business case or do research at AlgaeHUB by Lgem

“Together with our customers, we optimise the production of their algae in our AlgaeHUB®.”

Jeroen de Vree
Chief Operating Officer

We are Lgem

Meet our team of specialists

Andre at Lgem

Andre Vreken

Facility Support

Bas Swildens

CEO (Board)

MSc Business Administration

Eugene at Lgem

Eugene Roebroeck

Science and technology strategy officer

PhD Molecular Plant Pathology

Wibo Elink Schuurman

Lead Project Realisation

Bsc Mechanical Engineering

Ineke van Steijn

Business Support

Jan at Lgem

Jan-Hendrik Böge

Lead Production

MSc Bioprocess Engineering

Jasper at Lgem

MSc Bioprocess Engineering

Jeroen at Lgem

Jeroen de Vree

Lead Business Consultancy

PhD Bioprocess Engineering

Wieger Rupert

Lead Market Development

Msc Moleculair Biology

Luce Fernhout

Management Support Board

BSc Future Planet Studies & Sustainable Agriculture

Lgem Marina

MSc Bioprocess Engineering

Lgem colleagues

Martien de Jong


Olivier at Lgem

Olivier Sassen

Lead Product Management

BSc Engineering

Pieter at Lgem

PhD Bioprocess Engineering

Richard Thart

Lead Finance & reporting

BBA Accountancy

Ruud at Lgem

Ruud Olij

Director (Board)

Sander at Lgem

Sander Hazewinkel

Founder & Global Business Development


MBO Biological Medical Analyst

Theo Tsakiridis

Researcher (jr)

Msc Biological applications & technologies
Lgem colleagues

Marta Sa

Lead Hub

About us

We pride ourselves in our partnerships, and together we can go to the next level.

Lgem collaborates wth Evodos
Liqoflux collaborates with Lgem
Lgem partners up with Bosman van Zaal for producing photobioreactors
Lgem collaborates with Schott
Polariks collaborates with Lgem
GF is a Lgem partner
Lgem collaborates with GEA






Knowledge partners

We pride ourselves in our partnerships, and together we can go to the next level.

Danish Technological Institute partners with lgem
Synthetic Genomics logo
Wageningen University research partners Lgem
Lgem shares knowledge with HAS Hogeschool
University of Applied Sciences Hogeschool Zeeland at Lgem
University of Queensland collaborates with Lgem

Lgem delivers algae solutions at any scale, anywhere. Tap into our knowledge and experience today. Find out how easy algae cultivation can be.