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Lgem’s 25L bioreactor helps Photanol set a giant leap towards circular chemical production

Photanol is dedicated to restoring balance on the planet by revolutionizing chemical production through circular practices. By optimizing cyanobacteria’s natural superpower of photosynthesis to absorb more CO2, adapting its metabolic pathways to produce a desired chemical. With the implementation of Lgem’s 25L bioreactor, Photanol has taken a significant leap towards scalability for industrial-sized production. Challenge in upscaling To gain traction within the chemical production industry, Photanol must provide a viable alternative without compromising quality, ensuring that desired carbon compounds can be produced on a large scale and at a low cost. Hayco Bloemen, Principal Scientist Process Development: ” We are developing & optimizing our process to enable large-scale production, which bears elements from farming, biotechnology, and chemical engineering.” Initially, Photanol cultivated its product in conventional 20L glass jars in their lab. However, this method was time-consuming, taking up to a month to yield results. Additionally, it lacked measurement points, had

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