Optimization of microalgae production

Relationship Between Specific Growth Rate, Volumetric Productivity, and Biomass Concentration in Photobioreactors 1. Introduction A photobioreactor is a system that provides a controlled environment for the growth of photosynthetic organisms like microalgae. The performance of a photobioreactor is often characterized by parameters such as specific growth rate, volumetric productivity, and biomass concentration. Understanding the relationship […]

Lgem partners with Navus Ventures to drive algae innovation

Dutch scale-up Lgem secures investment from Navus Ventures to accelerate expansion of its innovative two-phase algae technology and AlgaeHUB. Lgem, a leader in algae photobioreactor technology with over 17 years of relevant autotrophic algae experience, sealed funding by Navus Ventures for further expansion. The funding from Navus Ventures will allow Lgem to keep investing in […]

Breaking records: setting the hygiene standard with Lgem PBR systems

Are you familiar with the Knowledge section of our brand-new website? Since the launch, we’ve published some interesting insights there. We’ve shared our approach to algae cultivation, our innovative product base and the additional services and consultancy opportunities we offer. Today, we’d like to discuss a few milestone achievements in our AlgaeHUB®. Bioprocess engineer and […]

Algae: the resources of the future

Lgem’s most popular algae strains Algae form the fundamental component of food chains in global ecosystems. They hold a lot of resources and are fast becoming the go-to commodity for a sustainable future.  Microalgae are of significant impact and need to be nurtured and further cultivated. There are multiple uses for the omega-3 fatty acid […]

Derisking with the AlgaeHUB – Start today!

Lgem can readily demonstrate and share the whole experience of our newest technologies at our ground-breaking AlgaeHUB®. Because we know investment risk reduction is a crucial success factor for investors in a healthy algae industry. In our cutting-edge facility, we offer customers the possibility to validate their business case on a commercially relevant scale before making significant investments.

Product base: B2B solutions – 25 to 45.000 liters

Lgem develops risk-free, stable and reliable systems with proven technology. The consistently high quality of our PBRs, due to industry-best mass transfer and clever hygienic design, is rivalled only by the ease of use, thanks to the simple and hassle-free operation with intelligent measurement and control. Our PBR solution are versatile, broadly applicable and proven […]

Wavywind improves the algae cultivation process

Founded in 2006, Lgem is the first company in the Netherlands to specialize in building patented photobioreactors for the cultivation of microalgae, using innovative in-house technology such as WavyWind® and Bubblebrush®.