Phase 1.

Ideation, Goals, and Concept Development

Phase 1.

AlgaeHUB 2.0

Lgem’s AlgaeHUB is a groundbreaking facility dedicated to expanding the potential of microalgae. The idea of expanding the AlgaeHUB involves recognizing the growing demand for AlgaeHUB services and understanding the specific needs of our target audiences. Implementing a place for research, validation, optimization, derisking and seed train optimization are the primary goals for expanding the AlgaeHUB.

The expansion of our facility will allow us to meet the increasing demands of our customers and offer an enhanced experience. By accommodating these requirements, we can ensure seamless processes, paving the way for achieving our goals and developing a concept that fulfills the needs of our clients.

Expansion for the PBR Systems

An important part of the AlgeaHub expansion is the Entos-45 system. The new AlgaeHUB is able to provide a space for the Entos-45 with a volume of 45³ or 45.000 litres, resulting in the largest operational volume in the products offered by Lgem. The entire environment surrounding the Entos-45 needs to be fully controlled with artificial lighting for an optimal algae growth. The new AlgaeHUB is a 8000 m² facility near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and it is able to house these massive photobioreactors PBR. 

It currently houses lab, pilot and 18 production units, a collaborative environment for research, development, and consultancy. It is the perfect space for a team of skilled bioprocess engineers, biologists, electrical, and software engineers to offer tailor-made algae solutions and production facilities to meet all needs.

“We pride ourselves in our partnerships, and together we can go to the next level.”