Phase 3.

Excecution Phase

Phase 1.

A Collaboration with Partners and Shareholders

During the Technical planning of the expansion of the AlgaeHUB, there is a strong emphasis on acquiring advanced equipment and technologies necessary for conducting cutting-edge algae research, recognizing that servicing the external demand is of paramount importance to the project’s success. Collaborating with shareholders and other partners not only enriches the technical planning process but also underscores the significance of meeting the needs of external stakeholders.

Our partners and their expertise in system production, plays a vital role in this phase. Their state-of-the-art, highly automated production facility is responsible for manufacturing the Lgem PBRs (Photobioreactors) needed for the expanded AlgaeHUB. These PBRs undergo meticulous assembly, thorough checks, and rigorous testing by a highly skilled team, ensuring the highest quality standards.

Production Process

State-of-the-Art Equipment Enabling Groundbreaking Research

The execution phase also encompasses the design and integration of the various unit operations that make up the entire process: upstream, photobioreactors and harvesting (DSP). Each aspect, from the selection of specialized equipment to the layout of the facility, is carefully considered to optimize research capabilities. The AlgaeHUB’s expansion design incorporates the requirements of conducting advanced algae research, ensuring a seamless workflow and efficient utilization of resources.

The AlgaeHUB leverages the expertise and capabilities of partners to enable groundbreaking research and development with state-of-the-art equipment. Lgem manufactures industrial-quality products with minimal margin deviations and software integration, unlike others in the market. The products include a nutrient station, PBRs, and DSP. The technical planning phase ensures that the expanded facility supports the exploration of new possibilities and advancements in algae production and its applications.