Phase 4.

System Construction and On-site Building

Phase 1.

Optimal Growth Conditions

The construction phase of the AlgaeHUB expansion focused on the construction and installation of specialized indoor, outdoor and greenhouse algae cultivation systems required for production research from lab to industrial scale. The construction process commenced in December 2022, starting from the groundwork, including the installation of piping and concrete structures, to the assembly of the first systems and monitoring systems.

During this phase, meticulous attention is given to creating optimal growth conditions for a wide variety of algae. The greenhouse cultivation systems are designed to provide precise control and management over environmental factors such as light, temperature, nutrient availability, and pH levels. These systems incorporate advanced monitoring, control and management mechanisms to ensure the continuous process monitoring and adjustment of growth parameters, maximizing the productivity and health of the algae cultures.

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Seamless Integration

The construction and installation teams work diligently to ensure the seamless integration of the specialized algae cultivation systems within the AlgaeHUB facility. Their expertise and attention to detail ensure that the systems are assembled, calibrated, and thoroughly tested to meet the highest quality standards.

The AlgaeHUB expansion paves the way for efficient and scalable algae production and reduced operational risks. The construction phase brings the infrastructure and equipment together, setting the stage for the subsequent stages of operation and research within the expanded facility.

Construction of AlgeaHUB and Systems