Decide to derisk – today: Lgem’s Algae Hub, the place for your business case

Lgem’s industrial photobioreactors for the cultivation of microalgae are entirely automated and easily integrated into a completely automated production facility with up-and downstream unit operations and climate-controlled greenhouse/buildings. Our facilities offer the highest standards, achieved with high-quality in-house engineering and production. It’s versatile, broadly applicable, proven to be effective under varying conditions and can be implemented for the cultivation and growth of any microalgae species, including the most fragile ones. Don’t just take our word for it though – come visit us at our 8000 m² facility near Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and find out for yourself!

Research and development

At our ground-breaking Algae Hub, we can demonstrate and share the full experience of our newest technologies. At Lgem, investment risk reduction is a crucial success factor for investors in a healthy algae industry. In our cutting-edge facility, customers are offered the possibility to validate their business case on a commercially relevant scale before making significant investments. A must-have for any scale-up, testing is supervised and executed by an expert team comprised by us or by your own operators, whichever you prefer. 

Of course, a pilot-scale test case for your desired levels of production isn’t all that our Algae Hub offers. Here, you can find, experience and approve all of our tried and tested production units, from the LAB-25 tubular glass PBR specifically designed for laboratory research projects and the production of ultra-pure starter culture, to our full-scale HELIOS and ENTOS units in shiny working order. Read more about them here [link art 2].

Diorama of innovation

Moreover, all aspects of our tubular photobioreactor design can be experienced. Find out why we switched from PVC to glass to bring you Lgem’s renowned GemTube design, offering a more stable light transmission, better chemical resistance, increased ease of reparability and a considerably improved life span under field conditions. 

We also found out that conventional production systems use a lot of power and aeration for circulation, to prevent biofouling and oxygen build-up. To address this, two of our patented technologies – Wavywind and Bubblebrush – were incorporated into the GemTube. 

Air moving through the glass tubes removes oxygen and supplies carbon dioxide evenly over the whole tubular helix at 100 Watts per 1,000 litres of culture, or a mere tenth of the energy input of conventional tubular systems. With volumes ranging from 25 to about 45,000 litres, our systems include a circulation tank, pump set, pH/temperature probe, switch cabinet and cloud-based measurement and control. No centrifugal pumps are needed, because the moving air can propel the entire system. That means our PBR systems can also operate with just an air source and without any moving parts – which is particularly interesting for aquaculture that produces fragile species. We’d love to show you.

Hands-on experience

Admire the geometry and light distribution of our range of smart solutions, thanks to factors like the diameter, length, inclination and arrangement of the tubes. Feel the rigidity, surface properties and ease of connectability of our materials and systems. 

Understand the exceptional levels of hygiene compared to any other tubular system currently on the market, thanks to everything from the attention to detail in our weld seams, dead zones and seals of mechanical couplings to the cleanability, chemical resistance and heat tolerance of our structures. Our PBR’s are standardly equipped with sensors for all essential process parameters; pH, temperature, light intensity and water level. From practical examples and hands-on understanding of mass transfer and control to mixing and energy consumption, our Algae Hub truly is an experience centre for a close encounter with our products. Beware though: seeing is believing. 

Lgem Algae Hub – A True Experience Centre

For us, cultivating algae is not a new thing. We’ve been in the business for 15 years and have been sharing our industry expertise for well over a decade now. How? By offering our hands-on experience to others. Feel free to make use of all that knowledge, understanding and best-practices and visit us out our Algae Hub to find out how easy the cultivation of microalgae can be for you – on any scale that befits your desired production. 

Moreover, we understand that the key for your investment decisions is to determine how PBR’s like our range of GemTube solutions would fit into existing production systems. Thanks to the intuitiveness of Lgem system construction and operation, equipment and staff numbers could significantly be lowered. However, saving money is one thing – consistent and reliable supply of quality algae is another. That’s why our doors are always open. 

The capacity of our production allows for short lead times anywhere in the world, even for large projects. Industrial production needs turnkey, fully automated solutions. We offer the one-stop-shop for the realization of your algae production facility. Come test our systems and the quality of our input and have 100 percent reliable scale-up data. Start today. 

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